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Smackdown 02.21.14.

Christian vs Sheamus. Part 2

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Smackdown 02.21.14.

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He ´ s back!

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Happy [belated] New Years



Ya know, I have a good feeling about this year, myself.  So we are in agreement there.

It’s a little late, but—


       There. You’re my New Year’s kiss.
How’ve you been feeling, babe?

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No, I didn’t actually. My Christmas was lovely, thanks for asking. Are you hiding the fact that you got some coal for the umpteenth time this past Christmas?

       Color me surprised, then.
My Christmas and New Years were awesome, thank you for asking. No coal, plenty of food and champagne and mistletoe. Nats, you’re doing that thing again.

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Some so-called brother you are. Hope everything’s okay with you.

        Wow, Nats, tell me how you really feel, man.
I’m guessin’ someone got coal in her stockings?

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[[ omg hi. happy new years!! you were missed and uhm.. hi lol ]]

[[-pets- Ugh asudghas the holidays and working full time. I would not recommend for the world. Is it strange that I’m glad I was missed? hELLOOOO NURSE]]